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All Kerala River Protection Council (AKRPC)

An Organisation for Conservation of Rivers ,Watersources,WesternGhats,and Wet Lands)

In 1998 a group of accredited Environmentalist, specialized in the conservation of Rivers and water bodies who got excruciated on the dismal,pathetic condition of our rivers and water resources focusses their attention in the formation of The All Kerala River Protection Council (AKRPC).A meeting held at Aluva Rest House on 17th August 1998- may be first mixing of enlightened hetrogenous group covering 15 nos who elected unanimously the veteran,versatile activist P.S.Gopinathan Nair (The Late) as Charter President of the AKRPC, who later endevoured for translating the council to a wider perspective.Prof,Sitaraman an accredited environmental activist who was the chief functionary of Env.Protection Aluva was elected as the secretary of the new born organization. Mr. IndannurGopi(The late) Mr. N.K.Sukumaran Nair were elected as Vice Presidents.Dr.Sunny George (Water Scientist) Dr.AbdulKhader (Social Scientist)were Joint Secretaries. Mr.M.K.Thampi was taken as Treasurer of the Council. The AKRPC got registered as a non profitable service oriented organization. Justice V.R.KrishnaIyer inaugurated the official functioning of AKRPC on 3rd October 1999 at Aluva.

Sucession of Presidents OF AKRPC

1. P.S.Gopinathan Nair
2. N.Appukuttan Pillai
3. Dr.S.Ramachandran
4. N.Appukuttan Pillai
5. Dr.S.Sitaraman

Sucession of General Secretaries

1. Prof.S.Sitaraman
2. Dr.C.M.Joy
3. C.A.Vijayachandran
4. T.V.Rajan

Various Organisational Members

1. ASSN. FOR Env:protection Aluva.
2. PambaParirakshanaSamithy- PoovathoorKozhanchery.
3. BharathappuzhaSamrakshanaSamithy
4. PeriyarSamrakshanaSamithy
5. Limnological Assn. for Kerala. - Chalakkudy
6. VamanpuramNadiSamrakshanaSamithyVangiyoor - Attingal
7. Jana JagrathaSamithy - Kanjirapilly
8. KaroopadannaKayalSamrakshaSamithyKadalai - Trichur
9. ManimalayarSamrakshanaSamithy
10. MeenachilarSamrakshanaSamithyKidangoor - Kottayam
11. JaladharaSamrakshanaSamithy - Kochi
12. ChalakkudyPuzhaSamrakshanaSamithy
13. ChaliyarpuzhaSamrakshanaSamithy
14. MoovattupuzhayarSamrakshanaSamithy
15. KallarNadiSamrakshanaSamithy
16. ManjalipuzhaSamrakshanaSamithy
17. VrikshaparisthithiSamrakshanaSamithy
18. NedungapuzhaSamrakshanaSamithy
19. PooyamkuttyNadiSamrakshanaSamithy
20. C.K.PadmanabhanPrakrithiSamrakshanaKendramChendamangalam
21. PrakrithiSamrakshanaSamithy - Kozhikode
22. KerralaParisthithiSamrakshana Forum Thammanam - Kochi

Common Activities of AKRPC
1. Riverday Celebration on October 3rd every year.
2. Nadeevandam –Programme
3. NadeeSandesaYathra for different rivers
4. Litigations
5. Publication of Palmplets
6. Poster exhibition
7. Street Plays
8. Documentries
9. Padayathras
10. Water and soil sample testing
11. Awareness Programmes
12. Wetland Conservation
13. Paddy field protection and proliferation of organic farming
14. Raising nursery for plants
15. Tree Planting on roadside and public places.
16. Action against river sand mining
17. Action against encroachment of River Banks
18. Cleaning and greening of river banks.
19. Persuing authorities on mud removal from river banks
20. Fight against waterbody Pollution
21. Embankments by planting trees. (Riparian eco system)
22. Westerghats protection
23. Study of Mangrove ecosystem
24. Fight against backwaters and Pokkali Land reclamation
25. Conservation of Small rivers and rivulets and study their current status and rejuvenation
26. Promoting Rain water harvesting of different types accordingly required.
27. Fight against Plastic waste and duidelines to reduce plastic waste.
28. Management of solid waste and liquid waste to keep towns alean and green.
29. Protest against illegal plywood factories.
30. Awareness in view of water management
31. Spread water literacy among the community
32. Formation of nature clubs